Livestream Collaboration With PPCCFAB


Two million. That’s how many people in Kentucky depend on groundwater every day. Families, farms, and businesses all depend on clean groundwater to make it through the day. With this many people caring about the water that is underneath them, questions need to be asked: How much water is there? Which aquifers are susceptible to contamination? How does contamination effect day to day life?

Livestream is Kentucky’s first integrated groundwater monitoring network. By using art, science, and technology, Livestream engages individuals, organizations, and businesses across Kentucky to take an interest in water. Giant green tubes are placed in public spaces, these tubes connect to the groundwater. Now everyone can listen to a green tube and actually hear the groundwater.

“Using a custom-designed sonification toolkit, the Livestream sculpture translates data measuring each spring’s conductivity, temperature, and flow into sound. These sounds are composed by local musicians.

Livestream & PPCCFab

The volume of sounds is contingent upon individuals’ engagement- move toward a pipe and the volume increases, move away and the volume decreases. So, walking through the park, folks literally plant the ground.

By bringing individuals in direct dialogue with the water that runs beneath the Bluegrass, Livestream challenges perceptions of this vast, albeit primarily [in]visible, infrastructure,” says

Premier helped Livestream’s idea become a reality by building the green tubes that people listen to.

“I feel good knowing that Premier could help potentially make a positive impact on the lives of so many in Kentucky.” – Stephanie Hanson, Digital Marketing Director for Premier

Tuning In To The Bluegrass: A University of Kentucky Water Week Workshop from Public Works Collaborative on Vimeo.