Poo Poo Project Saves Wildlife

There’s an unseen epidemic happening to cavity-nesting animals across the United States. Each year thousands of animals become entrapped in ventilation pipes and chimneys. Vault toilets, that can be found in many of America’s wilderness areas, feature 12″ vertical ventilation pipes … Continued

Veteran Memorial Collaboration

As a thank you to the many veterans who have served and given their lives to preserving the freedom of this great country, the Kemmerer Cemetery recently dedicated a veteran memorial. “I think the memorial was a great way to … Continued

Livestream Collaboration With PPCCFAB

Two million. That’s how many people in Kentucky depend on groundwater every day. Families, farms, and businesses all depend on clean groundwater to make it through the day. With this many people caring about the water that is underneath them, … Continued

PPCCFab Works With Vertical Harvest For Grand Opening

Yesterday marked the grand opening of Jackson Hole’s new building. This 13,500 sq ft hydroponic greenhouse is known as Vertical Harvest. Utilizing only 1/10 of an acre it can produce the equivalent to 5 acres of traditional agriculture. That’s over … Continued