Why Choose the Premier Line of Outdoor Site Furniture?

Here at Premier Powder Coating we Manufacture the highest quality site furniture on the market. The Key to our success is in the design phase, our design engineers go through every aspect of the Site Furniture to arrive at the best design that fills the customer needs. A few examples of this are found in our one-piece laser cut design.

On our 6′ Mountain Maple Metal Bench, the Seat and Back assembly are made up of 1 piece instead of the standard 23 piece design found on other site furniture products. This 1 piece design eliminates excessive welding and relies on laser cutting and then bending a solid piece into the form of a back and seat. The Table Legs are then welded onto the bench and the final product is a solid design that will hold up longer to extreme public abuse and weather changes.

Another Example of our creativity is found in our Steel Trash Receptacles. A Normal trash receptacle from the leading Site Furniture Manufacturers will consist of up to 42 pieces with our design we laser cut the receptacle and roll it into a circle. The bottom is then welded on along with a 4″ Tall Mounting Ring. Reducing the number of pieces from 42 to 3.

All of our Outdoor Site Furniture is equipped with Stainless Steel Feet. This feature eliminates rusting at the contact points with the ground.