Parker Ionics Gets a New Look With a High Powdered Website

Premier Powder Coating is proud to announce the completion of the Parker Ionics Website through its sub-company Premier Digital Agency. The Premier Digital Agency Team worked tirelessly to provide an easily searchable and powerfully effective website built on a blog-based platform. Parker Ionics previous website which was ranking on Page 4 for the search term, “Powder Coating Equipment” is now at the top of page 2. This increase is due to the content written and pictures uploaded relating to Powder Coating Equipment.

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Parker Ionics Website

powder coating equipment

Powder Coating Equipment by Parker Ionics

Parker Ionics is the Leader in Powder Coating Equipment. Parker Ionics provides State of The Art Pulse Power Powder Coating Guns that are the perfect fit for any powder coating operation large or small. Their Powder Coating Booths range from automatic spray booths with the Powder Reclaim Feature to a ventilated booth for custom coater manual operation. Visit Parker Ionics Site today to learn more about Powder Coating Equipment.

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