looking in a plant protector


Grow It Now! garden products include: plant protectors, seed starters, Aqua Domes, tree protectors, and raised beds. Each of these products have been designed to help you extend your growing season, and increase the yields from your garden.

The plant protectors are made from a single sheet of durable Ployethylene plastic that when assembled they create a cone that will protect your plants against high winds, light frost, snow, heavy hail, and low temperatures. The top interlocking mechanism of the plant protectors allow you to open the top on hot days and close it during the night, to further safeguard your garden products.


close up raised bed


Smart Raised Beds are a great solution for anyone looking to bring their garden to the next level. Through research, we discovered that joint connection and bracket durability is a common problem among competitors’ raised beds. We developed a fool-proof raised bed system that eliminates the common problems found among our competitors. Take a look at our raised bed starter kits today.

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